艺术家空间 Basement 6 Collective 将于11月23日呈现王懿泉在上海的首次个展:《闭幕式》。此次展览的内容源自艺术家在 Basement 6 Collective 进行的“B6C网上驻留计划”,他将把过去三个月的驻留创作结果和灵感,转换并组合成为期一日的展览,以此回应他在驻留计划中不断思考的核心,即表演与视觉艺术的关系。整个展览将由三部分组成,分别是:一件环境装置《墙和纸以及我所知道的她》;一出名为《闭幕式》的现场表演;及一场沙龙谈话环节《说话的表演》。

在现场表演部分,居住在上海的艺术家奶粉将作为特邀演员,带来即兴表演;来自北京的音乐人nara 谭硕欣即将发行的电子音乐唱片《枕头》将作为环境音出现。

地点:ONE ,上海静安区江宁路831号5号楼201室
策划及主办:王懿泉, Basement 6 Collective
支持:ONE , 张达, 加餐面包出版社

王懿泉,1987年出生于北京,先后就读于北京第二外国语学院,中央美术学院,伦敦中央圣马丁艺术学院。他的艺术实践携有复杂的内容与多样的形式,集中在表演、物体、文字三个彼此独立又存于联系的领域。他的作品和表演曾展出于,西岸艺术与设计博览会(2014),蓬蒿剧场(2014),上午艺术空间(2013),箭厂空间“会所”展览(2012),第九届上海双年展“黑匣子”计划(2012),今日美术馆(2012)等。在创作实践之外,王懿泉持续开展艺术写作,他的文章和评论发表于 BLOUIN ARTINFO,Artforum 中文版,《艺术世界》杂志等。目前,他居住在上海,是“B6C网上驻留计划”的首位驻留艺术家。

“B6C网上驻留计划”是Basement 6 Collective 于2014年夏天全新推出的网络项目。参与驻留的艺术家将住在网上,在网络上创作,并在网络上展示。每个驻留艺术家将有3个月的时间开展创作,主题和规则不限。这个计划将公开征集方案,咨询和联系:sophia@b6cshanghai.com。

Basement 6 Collective
成立于2013年4月,Basement 6 Collective 是拥有多位成员的艺术家团体及艺术家空间。从成立至今,Basement 6 Collective 已经举办了众多展览、放映、沙龙等艺术活动,是上海最为活跃的艺术聚集地。

ONE是一个形式自由的创意实验空间,坐落于上海静安区,面向任何一所公司与任何一位创意人。参与者可透过不同形式的工作坊,座谈会与展览举办, 进行创意思维碰撞与空间体验 。

The artist-run space Basement 6 Collective will present Closing Ceremony, Wang Yiquan’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai. This exhibition evolved from the artist’s research interest and creative practice during his participation in the B6C Online Artist Residency. Combining the weekly released videos and performance, the artist will transform his three-month-long residency project into a solid one-day-show, which presents his ongoing exploration in the relationship between performance and visual art. The main body of the exhibition consists of three sections, including Wall with paper and all I know about her, a site-specific installation; Closing Ceremony, a live performance and Talking Performance, a salon session.

In the live performance section, Shanghai-based artist Nathan Zhou is invited to be the performer and will give an improvised performance. Accompanying the performance, a collection of music from Beijing-based musician Nara Tan Shuoxin’s upcoming debut album Pillow will be played as the environmental sounds.

《 Closing Ceremony 
Workshop Time : Sunday November 23th 2014
Private view: 14:00-18:30
Performance: 16:30
Venue: ONE
Address: #201, Bldg 5, Yong Ye Fang, 831 JiangNing Road, JingAn District, Shanghai
Curator and Organizer: Wang Yiquan, Basement 6 Collective
Supporter :  ONE , Zhang Da, Pausebread Press

Artist Biography
Wang Yiquan was born in 1987 in Beijing, whose artistic practice combines complexity and diversity, concentrating in performance, object and text, three independent yet correlative fields. He graduated from Beijing International Studies University and Central Academy of Fine Arts before attending Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. His works and performances have been shown in West Bund Art and Design Fair (2014), Penghao Theatre (2014), am art space (2013), Arrow Factory’s The Meeting Room (2012), The Black Box in the 9th Shanghai Biennale (2012), and Today Art Museum (2012). In addition to being an artist, Wang also writes intensively about art, and his essays and reviews have been published in BLOUIN ARTINFO, Artforum Chinese edition and Art World Magazine among other publications. He now works in Shanghai, and is the first participant of the B6C Online Artist Residency.

B6C Online Artist Residency
Launched in summer in 2014, B6C Online Artist Residency is a new artist residence program that hosts artists ONLINE. The resident artist lives online, creates work online and exhibits online. Participating residents have three month to create work, in which they can make their own rules. Aiming to expand Basement 6 Collective experimenting nature and promote artistic creation, this residency is open for submission. Please email Sophia@b6cshanghai.com if you’d like to apply.

Basement 6 Collective
Basement 6 Collective is a studio and community space dedicated to promoting the arts in Shanghai.  Formed in April 2013, B6C houses everything from artist residences and dance events to film screenings, parties and exhibitions. For more information please visit: www.b6cshanghai.com

ONE is a creative experimental space located in Shanghai Jing’an district. It is open to all company and creative individuals. Participants are welcomed to take part in creative thinking process and space experimentations through workshops, talks and exhibitions. For more information please visit: one-magazine.net/one

编辑:  Han Z.Yang


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