Visible Wind – 從東京至上海:感官意念实验现场

IMG SRC 互动装置展 - ‘Visible Wind’ 将在上海ONE空间举办 。

IMG SRC (壹美索) 自1998年于日本东京创立以来,提供的不仅是有趣的数位广告,更试图从各样的角度探寻表现途径,对人与人之间的关系进行设计,通过前卫体验传达。

此次展览,IMG SRC 将实验现场设至上海,透过科技与设计,挑战诠释生活中不可视的感受,与参与者进行一场感官互动。

‘Visible Wind’

科技,设计 x 它




我们将邀请您前来一起感受 。


《 Visible Wind 2014 》



地址:上海市静安区江宁路831号永业坊5号楼201室 200040(近海防路口)

开放时间:13:00~19:00 (每天,周末照常)

查询: +86 (0)21 3131 7023  /

展览策划、设计及主办:IMG SRC Shanghai

合作单位 :Yaguchi ELectric Co., Ltd.


ONE is pleased to present a New Year’s exhibition of new work from IMG SRC

IMG SRC is an award-winning digital design company that was founded in Tokyo in 1998. We not only work on a variety of projects including web/graphic design, branding and interactive installations but also continually push the boundaries of creativity through flexible thinking and the taking of new approaches to projects to facilitate communication.

For this exhibition, IMG SRC moves the experiment site to Shanghai. The viewer is invited to interact with our innovative technology and design.

‘Visible Wind’

Technology, design and “It”.

“It” can be anything – an image, poetry or an emotion.

To us, It is a wind; a current that flows between things and people, bearing our message.

We are pleased to invite you to come feel the winds of creativity at our exhibition.


《 Visible Wind 2014 》

Exhibition Date:  Saturday  Feb. 22nd – Friday Mar. 7th 2014

Venue:  ONE

Address: #201, Bldg 5, Yong Ye Fang Art Center, 831 JiangNing Road, JingAn District, Shanghai (Near HaiFang Road)                                   

Opening Hours:  [Every day] 13:00-19:00 ( Open on Weekends )

Enquiry: +86 (0)21 3131 7023  /

Curator, Design and Organizer : IMG SRC Shanghai

Collaboration:  Yaguchi ELectric Co., Ltd.


撰文:Deborah Ten / 翻译.编辑:Han Z.Yang

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